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Ancient Symbols of


Available worldwide starting September 15th 2013!

Protective Power: Protection against evil

Symbol: Garlic clove

Keep AYA close and feel empowered to keep evil spirits at a distance. Think about your enemies and you will be inspired to find their weakness!

Beautifully crafted in Sterling Silver 925 - Rhodium Plated
The Silk Cord Bracelet is hand dyed and you can wear it in the shower. It will get a great vintage look over time.

You prefer another Silk Cord colour? Make your own combination here!

Jewelry height: 20mm - 0.79inch

Silk cord length: 86cm - 33.85inches


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Since ancient times, Transylvanians have hung garlic strings over the porch of their house in order to keep evil spirits away.

Elderly people, who have seen many things, wear freshly crushed garlic covered in canvas as a protective amulet under their traditional shirt.

Another old Transylvanian legend tells us that "young people brought three cloves of garlic, put them in a pan to be guarded by an old woman, by candlelight. Completely isolated from the outside world, protected from evil forces, they would feel safe to sing and play and have fun".

When plated with Rhodium, jewelry will stay more scratch resistant, bright and attractive for years.

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Occupation: Amongst other things, a full time mum!
Review: I was given this beautiful charm on a silk cord for Christmas. I love it so much that I haven't taken it off since!
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