The bracelet, perhaps a strip of coloured silk, hand painted, on which a talisman is caught representing a BAT, it doesn’t seem a suitable accessory for a business suit. But Ioana Iosif and Cristina Jansen, the creators of KOGAYON - a collection of jewelry inspired by ancient Dacian and Romanian symbols say that in these charms are gathered the stories and the thoughts of our ancestors and if they add their own will, it can lead to the aims pursued.

In other words, if you believe hard enough in the balance of the BAT (which, by the way, although he spends most of the time upside down, he finds each time his way) and if you wear the jewelry on the wrist or around the neck, you may find balance in your hectic life. In theory.

Each KOGAYON charm has a name and a story. For example, AYA the garlic clove, ingredient traditionally used for protection against evil spirits, is a symbol that helps you keep evil at bay. ZALMO, the wolf snake charm is inspired by the flag of the Dacian army. He will give you strength, energy and the desire to win. It might be useful, for example, in a stressful business meeting. So hide ZALMO under your shirt during the week - and get him to sight in your spare time.

Made out of Sterling Silver, Rhodium plated KOGAYON charms are produced in Romania. The bracelets are available in leather or silk and can be purchased online from, Cellini - jewelries shops, Art&Craft duty free shop in Bucharest International Airport and Molecule F showroom in Bucharest.

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