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Welcome to the world of KOGAYON!

Since you are here, it means you are one of the many people everywhere who appreciate and look for symbolism and stories behind the products.

For them and for you, we felt the urge to create this Platform for Fashion Accessories, beautifully crafted from Meaningful Symbols of the World.

All products on KOGAYON.com have three things in common: 

  • They are beautiful and desirable;
  • They are representing or containing a Meaningful Symbol of a Culture or a Community;
  • They are curated and displayed for true connoisseurs to appreciate and buy;

Choose with your eyes, buy with your heart!

KOGAYON, a story of Friendship and Passion for Tradition

Ioana Iosif and Cristina Jansen have been best friends and colleagues for more than 15 years. During one of their conversations they realized there were two things they both felt very strongly about.

One is the almost magical appeal of centuries-old traditions and believes of well-preserved communities - In this case of Transylvania where Cristina was born and raised. The other thing is the understanding of the spiritual connection that people can have with symbols and objects with special powers. In time, Ioana developed a special interest in collective energies and how the power of symbols can influence people’s actions.

Add to this the love for meaningful design and sophisticated, earthy shapes they both share, and KOGAYON was born.
A jewelry brand, having its very first collection inspired by the true local traditions and spiritual depths of the land of Transylvania.


Cristina “Ever since the ancient times of the Dacians, Transylvania has been a place where the forces of darkness and light have co-existed together with the people of the land. In order to survive, people had to learn how to keep the positive forces close and the evil ones at bay. This wisdom, that goes back millennia, has been transmitted to us through old stories, passed on from father to son, and through a range of magical symbols with special protective powers. We have taken these symbols and turned them into a modern and beautifully crafted jewelry line. True to the tradition and the mystery of Transylvania, all our pieces are unique and inspired by ancient local traditions and artifacts.”

Finding the perfect blend between heritage and moderness is a shared passion for Ioana and Cristina, who have both worked in creative industries. New sources of inspiration will materialize in the near future with surprising world-made collections. Transylvania is the first step in a long journey of ancient cultures and symbolism. “Fusion jewelry” they call it, using the symbols from one culture and mixing it with the design-style of another, in search of the perfect combination that people love wearing and feel deeply connected to.

Ioana “We believe that our pieces of charm jewelry, through their lucky signs, have the power to activate our internal goal-oriented energy. This energy instantly attracts the energy of the universe, combines with it, and helps us achieve what we aim for. The "chemistry" between you and our charm jewelry will generate a positive energy, which will help you to achieve your goals and fulfill your desires. Kogayon’s team of designers and “tradition pickers” has a secret wish: that you will enjoy wearing our collection as much as we enjoy making it!”

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